Become a CAL CBC Instructor!

CAL CBC is looking for the best beauty services teachers in California to join a family of dedicated educators!

We love our students, and we want them to have the best learning environment. The CAL CBC campus has now been fully remodeled with the finest teaching salon, barbershop and spa of any school in the State.

However, what truly makes the biggest difference in our student’s lives is a great instructor.

Are you that person? Do you want to have a meaningful career and change the lives of hundreds of young men and women?

If so, please contact us and find the working environment you seek.

Resumé Submission:

After completing the form, please send your resumé to the following emails:

We are not a chain. We are one highly motivated and dynamic school striving to be the best. The CAL CBC family is empowered to create the work environment they want.

We also back this up with generous salaries and vacation, platinum health care, monthly retirement contribution and a supportive work environment.

This is not to say it is easy. Teaching is tough work, and the students can be challenging.

But the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Come join us!

Chris Tellis – School Owner